Question: What is the right SD Card to use?

Many of the problems we are experiencing today with our cameras and trail camera viewers are due to the speed of the SD cards being used. The lower speed SD cards cannot perform at the level needed in the higher speed, higher megapixel cameras in use today.

Modern SD memory cards are classed with a speed class or number on the front of the SD card. That number is within a small C stamped on the front of the SD card. Starting with a Class 2, then Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10. The lower the number, the slower the speed of the SD card. Below are examples of Class 10 SD and Micro SD cards:

Most trail camera manufacturers today strongly recommend using Class 10 SD cards in their cameras.

However, we know through troubleshooting that there are many Class 4 cards in use today. This can cause problems not only in our cameras, but also with our trail camera viewers when we try to view, study and save our images.

Considering this, we at LOWDOWN strongly recommend using class 10 SD cards in your cameras and in the LOWDOWN viewer to prevent problems when viewing, studying and saving images in the LOWDOWN viewer.