Lowdown Trail Cam Viewer /w free HDMI cable


For a limited time, LOWDOWN will include a FREE 10’ HDMI Cable, and FREE shipping – a $30 value!

HDMI Cable (10ft)

For use with your Lowdown Viewer and TV. Use this cord to connect your Lowdown Viewer directly to your TV for a live look at your trail images.



The Ultimate Trail Cam Viewing Experience!

  1. Fast: Enjoy the experience while viewing hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures in a short period of time.
  2. Efficient: Your viewer is totally touch screen operated. With a touch of your finger you can perform a multitude of functions to view and study your pictures with ease. You can also delete one or more pictures, or the entire SD Card in seconds. Saving pictures is also simple and easy. You can select and save pictures on a separate Micro SD Card when installed in your Lowdown Trail Cam Viewer.
  3. Mobile: Take and use your viewer anywhere! In your home, auto, or your favorite tree stand. Charge your viewer at home or when you are on the move you can use the included auto adapter to keep your viewer charged and ready.

No more waiting until you get home to view your SD Cards! Especially during that exciting rut, you can be checking your trail cams when you are on the move going to and from your stand sites. Now you won’t miss any of your target bucks that may be cruising through your area! Relax and enjoy the ultimate trail cam viewer!


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