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 -Your new picture viewer may not be fully charged.  We recommend to fully charge this unit before use.

Using Your Viewer

1) Plug the S.D Card from your trail camera into the card adapter.
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2) Plug the card adapter into the USB Port (E) of the viewer.
howtouse3  howtouse4
3) Turn the viewer on by pressing and holding the Power Button (B) for a few seconds.
4) The name will appear on the screen, then followed by the Hunter’s Mate screen saver.
5) Unlock the viewer by dragging the Lock Icon towards the right of the screen.
6) Touch the Gallery Icon. A single photo will appear in the center of the screen, touch the photo.
7) Your photos will appear in a double row. You can then drag the photos across the screen to view more photos from the SD Card. View those photos as fast as you want!
8) When you find a photo you want to view full screen, just touch the picture and the picture will fill the screen.
9) Still want a more detailed view of those big antlers? With a touch of your forefinger and thumb, you can enlarge and move around an individual picture with ease.
10) You can drag full size pictures across the screen or you can also minimize the screen to 3/4 the size to view your photos more rapidly.
11) A slide show can also be viewed by touching the Three Squares Icon on the upper right hand corner and selecting the slide show feature.
12) To get back to the home screen, touch the Home Button (H). Once you do this, you are then ready to switch to your next S.D. Card.
13) Your viewer can be set in “standby” mode for short periods of time when it is not in use by pressing the Power Button (B). The viewer will also go into “sleep” mode after two minutes of inactivity. To reactivate the viewer, just press the Power Button (B).
14) When you are not using the viewer for long periods of time, press and hold the Power Button (B). The Power Off Prompt will appear, Selecting OK will turn off your viewer and save battery life.