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 -Your new picture viewer may not be fully charged.  We recommend to fully charge this unit before use.

Deleting Pictures

1) When you are viewing the pictures in a double row on the screen, go to the upper right corner of the screen and touch the Three Squares Icon.  Then touch the Select Item.

2) Touch the picture or pictures you wish to delete.  Notice they become highlighted in blue.

3) Once you are finished, touch the Trash Icon on the upper right corner of the screen.  Select OK and your picture is deleted.

Deleting Entire S.D. Card

1) Touch the Back Button (I) until the single or double picture appears in the center of the screen.

2) Touch the small Three Squares Icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then press the Select Album button.

3) Touch the center picture.  Notice it becomes highlighted in blue.

4) Touch the Trash Icon and then select OK.  The S.D. Card has now been deleted.

5) You can also delete your saved pictures off your Micro S.D. Card by using steps 1 through 4.