4 – View & Save

LOWDOWN lets you easily view images, save images to a full-size SD card and delete individual images or hundreds at once

LOWDOWN is a dedicated viewer/photo manager made for one thing and one thing only, fast, uncomplicated viewing of your trail cam images and videos. Lowdown makes viewing large numbers of images fast and easy. It allows you to finger-zoom in on individual images to see important details. It allows you to easily delete individuals or groups of selected images and it lets you save images to a second (full-size SD) card and clear your camera card. All with simple, intuitive touch screen operation!

  • 3x faster than any other trail cam viewer
  • Purpose-built software for intuitive, simple operation
  • Faster (HD) video viewing (w/sound)
  • Group or individual save/delete functions
  • Protective leather case doubles as stand
  • Ports for “trail cam”card and “save” card (both full-size SD cards)
  • Mini HDMI port (connects to TV); mini USB port
  • Li-ion battery; 110V wall charger and 12V (2 amp) car charger (included), SD card and full-size SD card (not included); HDMI cable (not included)